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Would you consider yourself an Exhaustaholic? Read about our new partnership!

Do we have any fans here that consider themselves exhaustoholics? For those who won’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to their exhaust, we are excited to announce our partnership with!

Exhaustaholics was started by a local performance exhaust enthusiast, Ryan Fischer. His site’s mission is to help automotive enthusiasts find the perfect exhaust for their vehicle. Ryan Fischer and his team comb the web to find the highest quality videos from YouTube, exhaust manufacturers, and private submissions from other “exhaustphiles” to let you listen to a performance exhaust kit before you buy it and have it installed!

Watch the Exhaustaholics video where Ryan describes what they are all about:

We are excited about this partnership and the future of Ryan’s concept. Check it out NOW! Then…next time you are in the market for exhaust, head to! When you find the right kit, just click on our banners throughout their site to find our website and give us a call! You can guy exhaust kits to install yourself, or have our experience technicians install them for you. The choice is yours!

Make sure to find Exhaustaholic’s fan page on Facebook and give them a LIKE!