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Do Heated Windshield Washer Fluid Systems Really Work?

FluidHeater I think we’d be safe to say that everyone hates waking up early on a winter morning to go scrape the ice and snow from their frozen vehicle. At Automotive Concepts, we recently started installing a new product, Heated Windshield Washer Fluid systems. We announced this new product first on our Facebook page, expecting a huge demand for this product being that we live in the frozen north, Minnesota. Surprisingly we had a lot of questions and concerns about this system. Most of which echoed our same concerns when taking on the new product. We have been pleasantly surprised by how effective this product is with the ones we have installed. It also has many positive reviews across the internet. So we took the time to answer some of the more frequent questions. But first, check out this video of how it works!

Common Questions and Concerns

It seems dangerous to put that hot of fluid on frozen glass, will it crack the glass?

The first concern that always comes up is the danger of cracking your glass. This really is a non-issue. It doesn’t happen. This unit only sprays about 2oz of hot fluid which isn’t nearly enough to cause a quick temperature change in the glass itself.

What about the rest of your windows?

Yes, depending on how iced up your car is you will occasionally have to scrape your side windows. But just as importantly, this system is also great for clearing snow/ice from your windshield when you are driving, and also for melting buildup on the wiper blades. The manufacturer of this product actually advertises longer wiper blade life by keeping sharp, jagged ice from damaging the soft rubber blades.

If your windows aren’t thawed out, then your vehicle isn’t warmed up properly which is hard on a vehicle.

Letting your engine warm up to operating temperature is great, but let’s face it, very few people actually do this. We are always running late and in a hurry. Even after letting your car run for 10 minutes there could still be a good amount of ice and snow build-up. This heated washer fluid system will rapidly melt it away.

Your vehicle is not warmed up, so who wants to be in it anyways?

We’ll look at it this way, it’s better than being in the cold, brisk wind attempting to scrape the ice from your windshield with your frozen hands. Pairing this heated washer fluid with a remote starter is the perfect combo to combat winter ice and snow. The car is warm, some of the ice has thawed, and you have hot washer fluid ready to spray when you hop in. Throw in some heated seats and you’ll almost forget it’s winter all together.

Is it really worth the money?

This system clearly isn’t a necessity. We’ve been driving vehicles for decades without heater washer fluid, or any washer fluid at all. People used to say remote starters weren’t worth hundreds of dollars either. You can just go out and start the car and run back inside…until they used one and realized how much of a creature comfort it is. Although this product is new, we have a handful of happy customers who love the convenience of this system! It has BONUS features too! Its also great for bugs, sap, and dirt. You’d be surprised how easily this system wipes away bug guts in the summer that would normally just smear all over your windshield. Thank you to our Facebook fans for the questions and for sharing your thoughts. If you’re ready to fight winter head on, give us a call to get your own Heated Windshield Washer Fluid System installed right here in Minnesota! 763-535-2181