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Mobile Audio

Automotive Concepts leads the way in aftermarket car audio upgrades and installations in Minnesota. Our knowledgeable and expert staff can help you find exactly the audio components you need as well as perform skilled car stereo installation, giving you the audio system of your dreams.

Products We Offer:

Receivers & CD Player Install - Minneapolis, MN Speaker Install - Minneapolis, MN Subwoofer Install - Minneapolis, MN Amplifier Install - Minneapolis, MN Satellite Radio Install - Minneapolis, MN Navigation Head Unit Install - Minneapolis, MN HD Radio Install - Minneapolis, MN iPod Integration Install - Minneapolis, MN

High-Quality Audio Components

The skilled in-car entertainment systems experts at Automotive Concepts can help you with every aspect of your desired audio system upgrade, from speakers to auxiliary ports. The perfect system for you depends on your intended use and needs. For example, someone keen on playing the latest tunes as loud as possible may be interested in a different kind of system than someone who wants to stay current on world events with the use of satellite radio. Automotive Concepts has products to suit every need.

Professional Installation

Some minor car improvements can be done by amateurs, but when it comes to your sound system, it is a job best left to the professionals. Installing a new car stereo, subwoofers, or amplifiers takes a lot of technical expertise. Without this knowledge and know-how, many upgrades fail to live up to the driver’s expectation. Make sure your dollar goes far by opting for professional installation as well as high-quality products.

Other Considerations

There are other considerations drivers need to keep in mind when putting significant upgrades into their audio systems. Depending on the age and make of the vehicle, additional audio components may use a lot more energy than factory default settings. This can cause a huge drain on the battery and other electrical components. Our technicians are aware of these risks and can discuss your car’s anticipated performance after the upgrades have been completed with you. They can let you know if other improvements are suggested, such as buying a better battery or investing in higher quality electrical connections.

Keeping You Safe on the Road

Not all audio upgrades are purely for entertainment purposes; some of them are meant to keep you and others safe on the road. One of the most common upgrades requested is the installation of navigation receivers that can connect with the rest of your audio system. This leads to hands-free navigation while in unfamiliar areas, ensuring you always get to where you need to go safely.

Drivers looking for high-quality products and expert car audio installation can visit Automotive Concepts in New Hope, MN. Whether you are looking for something basic, such as the installation of CD players, or you have plans for the installation of subwoofers and amplifiers, the friendly staff at Automotive Concepts can help. Visit us online to learn more about our products and services or call to book your appointment today.

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