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Marine Audio

Enjoy Quality Audio on Your Boat!

At Automotive Concepts we offer custom installation of speaker systems in boats and personal watercraft – as well as cars, trucks, SUVs and ATVs.

Boat Speaker Installation in Minneapolis

The marine environment is extremely harsh on a speaker, with huge amounts of UV exposure and water. The acoustic environment in a boat is also radically different from a car or home environment. Simply painting a car speaker white does not make for a good marine speaker!

JL Audio - Marine Audio

For the best in marine audio – Automotive Concepts recommends JL Audio.

JL Audio marine loudspeaker systems and components are specifically designed and tuned for an open-air boating environment, ensuring phenomenal fidelity at cruising speed or while anchored at your favorite swimming spot. They have also been designed to sound and look great for a long time. Significant investments in salt-fog and ultraviolet test equipment have paid off with remarkable advances in materials to combat the harsh elements. JL tests every part of the speaker, not just the grille, to withstand corrosion and UV tests that far exceed industry standards.

JL Audio offers two series of marine speaker systems: M and MX. The MX-Series handily outperforms conventional marine speaker systems and is sized to work as a direct replacement for them. The M-Series products are maximum-performance, no-holds-barred speaker systems with higher power handling, a larger tweeter and greater output capability.

If you’re tired of replacing cheaply made speakers every year and want to step up to a quality marine listening experience, Automotive Concepts is here to help you make it happen.

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