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Enjoy back seat video with these convenient screens. Roof-mount overhead screens fold away when they’re not in use, and many include a built-in DVD player.


Advent DVD player with Built-in Playstation 2

Audiovox builds a PlayStation 2 into this flip-down monitor, so best of luck getting your backseat passengers out of the car once you arrive! And if that weren’t enough, the built-in DVD player lets them watch movies on the crisp 10.2″ screen.

Advent Overhead DVD with PlayStation 2

Audiovox includes two wireless controllers for head-to-head gaming. The built-in FM transmitter beams the sound to your vehicle’s stereo system, or you can enjoy peace and quiet up front as your passengers listen through the included wireless headphones. A set of RCA auxiliary inputs lets you add another audio/video source, and your passengers can control all the action with the included remote. Two PlayStation 2 games are also included.

Advent DVD player

Keep the kids in the backseat entertained with Advent’s flip-down monitor and DVD Player. Its crisp widescreen LCD display delivers stunning picture clarity and high brightness for better daylight viewing. A built-in DVD player lets them watch their favorite videos while you drive, and a wireless gamepad with 30 built-in games gives them even more entertainment options.

If your car’s stereo doesn’t have an auxiliary input, you can send the audio through your car’s stereo system with the built-in FM transmitter. Rear passengers can also listen privately with the included sets of wireless headphones, while you enjoy your favorite music up front through the car’s stereo system.

Choose from 8″, 8.5″, 10.2″ or 12.1″ LCD Monitors – Style may vary with screen size


Rosen DVD Player

Experience Rosen’s latest and greatest All-In-One technology! Rosen’s new, compact and feature-rich Z-Series provide the consumer with all of their entertainment choices in one compact overhead. Play DVD movies, CD audio discs, your homemade MP3 music discs, and the family photo album in JPEG format on the integrated drive with lighted disc guide. The DVD formatted 16:9 Wide-Screen, flat-panel LCD displays, available in 10.2″ (Z10), or 8.5″ (Z8) presents ultra-crisp images for optimum viewing pleasure.

The Z10 also features 25 action packed, 16-bit, built-in video games with wireless game controller and an auxiliary mini-jack w/ RCA adaptor to connect a game console, video camera or MP3 player! All of the Z-Series systems are available in neutral light tan or warm gray to compliment most vehicle headliners.

Video Games not included with Z8 Model
Style may vary with screen size




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