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Spoilers & Aerodynamics

Tiburon Spoiler SUV Spoiler

Automotive Concepts offers hundreds of spoilers to choose from depending on the personality of your vehicle. The two basic styles include factory-style spoilers for accentuating curves and aggressive looking wings to improve stability at high speeds. They can be painted to match or accent your vehicle. Wings create extra downforce on the vehicle, changing the aerodynamics and airflow. This disruption adds more downward pressure to the back end which tightens turns and reduces hazardous lift. Factory spoilers tend to closely resemble the original part for your vehicle, whereas, wings bring the appearance of a formula-1 race spoiler in a more modern shape.

Types of Spoilers

Other available options include tailgate spoilers and rear air deflectors. Tailgate spoilers are made for trucks and are compatible with most tonneau systems. They can be painted to match or accent your vehicle. Rear air deflectors are also for trucks & SUVs and are styled to match the lines of the roof or hatch of your vehicle for a smooth, factory look. They are designed for a third brake light and are available in smoke finish or can be painted to match or accent your vehicle.

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