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Sunroof Repair

Have a broken, leaky or inoperable sunroof?

Sunroof Repair

Automotive Concepts provides Sunroof Repair, adjustments and tune-up services on all types sunroofs.

Whether your sunroof is a factory-installed (original equipment) sunroof or an aftermarket sunroof, we can repair it for you properly. Our staff knows how sunroofs work (and not-work), and we know how and where to get any replacement sunroof parts that may be needed for your vehicle.

Automotive Concepts services sunroofs in all models of cars, SUVs and trucks. Common repairs needed to get your sunroof working properly include:

  • Replace Broken Sunroof Glass
  • Replace Sunroof Motors
  • Align Sunroof Glass Assembly
  • Replace Sunroof Track Assembly
  • Replace or Recover Sunroof Sunshades
  • Replace or Recover Interior Headliners
  • Replace Sunroof Switches
  • Replace Original Factory Sunroof Parts
  • Replace After-Market Sunroof Parts
  • Repair Clogged Sunroof Drains
  • Service Sunroof Assembly‚Äôs

  • To have your sunroof inspected or serviced, please contact our service team.