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Truck Bed Covers in Minneapolis, MN

Bed covers, such as tonneau covers and toppers, offer a number of benefits to truck owners, including protection from weather and theft, and increasing fuel economy. Truck Bed Covers come in a variety of styles, each with its own features and advantages. Please give us a call at (763) 535-2181 for more information or to schedule an installation appointment.

Roll-Up Access Covers (Soft Tonneau Covers)

Truck Roll-up Access Cover - Minneapolis, MinnesotaRoll up tonneau covers will help secure your pickup truck bed and improve gas mileage. Our selection of roll up tonneau covers are the perfect solution to an open truck bed dragging down the performance of your vehicle. Each roll-up truck bed cover we install has its own unique features. Read More >

Hard Tonneau Covers

Fiberglass Truck Tonneau Covers - Minneapolis, MinnesotaRanch sportlids and truck tonneau covers are made with the best materials available. Each lid is designed to accent the truck’s style lines, resulting in an aerodynamic style and fit. Read More >

Truck Toppers & Caps

Fiberglass Truck Toppers and Caps - Minneapolis, MinnesotaWhether you are looking for sleek and contemporary styling, durability or just more cargo capacity – Automotive Concepts has the right fiberglass topper for your pick-up truck (also called truck caps or camper shells). Read More >

Benefits of installing a Bed Cover in Twin Cities

Protection from Weather for your Payload
A bed cover will protect your truck contents and the truck bed itself from rain, sleet, snow and hail. Your truck bed cover will also protect the contents from blowing around or blowing out of the truck due to wind.

Security and Theft Protection
Leaving tools, materials or other exposed contents in an open truck bed is practically an invitation to thieves. Tonneau covers and toppers offer increased security, not only because thieves don’t steal what they can’t see, but also because the time it would take to open or remove a truck bed cover would also discourage theft.

Improved Aerodynamics and Gas Mileage – This is a HUGE advantage for pick-up truck owners because truck bed covers significantly reduce drag (wind resistance). Pick-up trucks are wonderful vehicles, but because of their open truck beds, they are not aerodynamic or fuel efficient. By adding a tonneau cover or topper to your truck, air slides easily off the cover rather than getting trapped in the bed and creating drag. One of the greatest advantages of a tonneau cover is that it will immediately improve gas mileage as a result of the aerodynamic improvement you gain by covering your truck bed. Industry experts report as much as a 10% increase in fuel economy – even with soft tonneau covers!

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