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Bed Rug

What makes the BedRug such a great choice?
The BedRug has the soft, non-skid top to handle fragile loads, which also makes a great seat for tailgating. And, the material is all durable plastic, which means you can also handle the heaviest, nastiest loads without reservation. Not to mention the sharp look of a custom carpeted bed.

BedRug Bed Liner
The BedRug is very stylish and tough. Whether you’re hauling, tools, lumber, firewood, ATVs, snowmobiles, going to a drive-in movie or camping with the family and just hanging out on the back of the truck – the BedRug is a great choice for your truck. And cleaning the BedRug is very easy!

BedRug Truck LinerBedRug Truck Liner

  • Withstands chemical spills like battery acid and gasoline
  • Non-skid carpet surface stops loads from shifting
  • Removes quickly for cleaning between the liner and the box
  • Durable all-plastic material stands up to heavy cargo and nasty weather

BedRug Bed Liner

Trucks with utility rails: Once installed, the BedRug may cover utility rails and other cargo tie-down equipment. Though not recommended, the liner can be trimmed to allow access to these systems.

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