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Offroad Bumpers in Minneappolis

Off-Road Bumpers

Off-road bumpers are vital when taking the roads less traveled. The bumper will protect your truck from our rough Minneapolis terrain and your winch will help you get out of it.

High-quality off-road bumpers can also be an asset to your vehicle for a variety of other purposes. Depending on your needs, they can serve as a winch, tow mount, provide brush protection, serve as a light-mount location and provide protection from animals such as deer. Off-road bumpers also provide additional tire clearance due to an installation location that is high and tight and close to the stock bumper envelope.

Why Do You Need a Heavy-Duty Steel Bumper?

Off-road bumpers have more available pounds per square inch torque than any other available bumpers on the market. Upon impact, they are capable of displacing the same security and strength as a set of roll bars to the front end of your engine carriage, preventing harm to your and your engine.

Heavy-duty off-road bumpers not only provide functionality and protection that factory bumpers cannot, but also add an aggressive styling that is unmet by other upgrades. Off-road bumpers are manufactured to be vehicle specific and specifically match your vehicle’s lines for the ultimate fit and look. All bumpers are backed by a lifetime guarantee against breakage and interlocking structural sections ensure the bumpers will never buckle or break.

Fab Fours

Fab Fours Bumpers

Fab Fours Inc. is one of the world’s leading bumper manufacturers, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and design ingenuity in every performance product they develop. Ranging from tow rigs to trail rigs, you can count on the underlying fundamentals at Fab Fours to ensure that you have the best product at the best price.

Fab Fours Toyota Heavy Duty Bumper Fab Fours Chevrolet Winch Bumper Fab Fours Ford Off-Road Bumper Fab Fours Dodge Bumper Click on images to enlarge

Road Armor

Road Armor

Designed specifically around the vehicles body lines, and the ultimate in form, fit and finish, the Road Armor bumper is the perfect match for a heavy-duty pickup that’s used seven days a week. Road Armor is one of the worlds leading bumper manufacturer dedicated to manufacturing performance products that lead the industry in form, fit, and finish. Road Armor was the first to use a high-angle faceting approach to design their products, and with the release of the Stealth line of bumpers, they have lead the industry since 2002.

Chevrolet Road Armor Bumper Chevy Silverado Road Armor Bumper Ford Road Armor Bumper Hummer Road Armor Bumper Chevy Avalanche Road Armor Bumper Dodge Ram Road Armor Bumper Click on images to enlarge

Protect your vehicle and get the added protection that is provided by an off-road bumper! Please give us a call at (763) 535-2181 for further information or to schedule a bumper installation appointment.