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Custom Upholstery

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If you appreciate fine workmanship, quality materials, and an interior to suit your style and tastes, then Automotive Concepts is the place you’ve been looking for. We have a wide variety of colors and materials to fit your needs.

We personalize all vehicle interiors including muscle cars, customs, European exotics, classics, daily drivers and everything in between.
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Custom Upholstery - Impala Convertible Custom Suede Interior & Headliner

Custom Zamboni Upholstery

Custom Interior

Custom Interior

Suede Interior Suede Headliner

Custom Interior

Custom Interior Leather with Suede Interior

The quality craftsmanship and expertise of our upholstery gurus have contributed to several of Automotive Concepts customers winning trophies at various auto shows across the United States.
“Anytime upholstery has been torn or damaged from age, I can fix it and make it even better than new. I’ve done so many custom interiors and upholstery restorations over the past 28 years, it’s like an everyday thing to me now. The work I do is customized so I always take the extra steps to make sure everything is done right the first time.


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