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Edge Evolution

NEW! Edge Evolution CTS (Color Touch-screen)Not just the best, but the best looking programmer now available. This ultra-modern device is designed from the ground up to compliment your truck. Only the strongest species survive the mean streets and the Edge Evolution Performance Programmer adapts your vehicle for total domination. Three power levels (mileage, tow and performance) mutate your truck’s performance gene to extract its full potential. This advanced tuner modifies both gas and diesel burners for optimum performance. The Evolution delivers double-digit horsepower and torque gains on gas models; diesel trucks blister the blacktop with triple dividends. Plus, a special mileage tune adjusts for different octane ratings fuel economy—if you can keep your foot out of it! Beyond flashing your ECU with monstrous power, the Evolution’s in-cab display delivers your engine’s vitals—keeping you abreast of critical parameters like RPM, MPH and EGT.   Edge Evolution CS The Evolution CS in-cab controller, monitor and digital gauge display features a full-color, high-resolution 2.4-inch, button-controlled screen. The CS features a ruggedized case, user-friendly buttons, an easy-to-navigate menu, and a light sensitivity meter that automatically adjusts the brightness for improved viewing for day and night driving.     Edge Evolution CTS The Evolution CTS in-cab monitor and digital gauge display is a full-color, high-resolution 4.3-inch touch screen device. The CTS has all the features of a CS but also comes equipped with a video-in port allowing users to connect a compatible backup camera or video source (sold separately).     MYSTYLE™ SOFTWARE (included) MyStyle™ software that allows users to choose from a variety of Edge custom backgrounds or simply upload an image of your choice. Size, crop and save to your CS or CTS unit for the ultimate in customizability.   Flex Fuel Vehicles: fueling with E85 is not recommended in conjunction with your Edge Evolution unit. Burning E85 reduces efficiency and power compared to using gas, which nullifies the effect of Edge Evolution’s programming.   Please give us a call at (763) 535-2181 for further information or to schedule an installation appointment.