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Camaro Magna Charger*NEW* 2010 Camaro SuperCharger
Does your new Camaro need some boost?
The short answer – YES!
No one can deny the impressive look of a highly polished SuperCharger on top of a fire-breathing V8. With the addition of the Magna Charger your new Camaro will outperform the legendary 1969 ZL1 Camaro with no sacrifice in MPG or drivability. Horsepower as well as torque are improved off idle to redline, delivering you more power than any other supercharger system available… anywhere!


The Magna Charger superchargers are the next step in positive displacement supercharger design. Eaton superchargers have become the world standard due to their efficiency and durabilit. With most automakers incorporating forced-induction technology into their high-performance production models, and as emission regulations keep tightening, supercharging has become the most reliable and cost-effective way to increase performance.

Magna Super Charger

All forced induction devices increase air pressure and density in the intake manifold by pumping more air than the engine would use without it. This concentrated charge of air results in a more powerful combustion stroke in the engine’s cylinders, resulting in improved performance over naturally aspirated vehicles. A supercharger is connected directly to the crankshaft by a belt; unlike a turbocharger, which is driven by exhaust gases. A Magna Charger, Inc./Eaton supercharger is a hybrid roots design and a positive displacement pump. It provides improved horsepower and torque at all engine rpm’s. The positive connection yields instant response, in contrast to turbochargers, which must overcome inertia and spin up to speed as the flow of exhaust gas increases. The supercharger is a way to get around “turbo lag”.

Polished finish - Magna ChargerBlack Finish - Magna Charger


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