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3 Types of Custom Paint Jobs That Turn Heads

Custom paint jobs that turn heads in Minneapolis

Car enthusiasts are unique in the way that they treat their vehicles, but not so different from regular people. Much like how pet owners care for their animals, car enthusiasts essentially do the same; wash their cars often, keep them in pristine condition and accessorize them with custom paint jobs, wheels and tires, and other […]

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5 Reasons to Leave Lift Kit Installation to the Professionals

5 reasons to leave lift kit installation to the professionals

There are a couple of things you can do to distinguish your vehicle from others, but by far the best thing you can do is to install a lift kit. When a truck passes you by looking like a monster truck, in all honesty, it makes an impression. Your truck looks some much more impressive […]

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How To: Choose the Right Offset Wheels for Your Vehicle

How to choose the correct wheel offset for your vehicle

There are a few different considerations you must make if you are looking to change the wheels on your car. One very important one is the wheel offset—the distance between the mounting plate and the centerline of the wheel in millimeters. The mounting plate is the surface of the wheel that is connected to the […]

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How to Hook Up Car Subwoofers without an Amplifier

subwoofer installation in car-automotive concepts mn

Installing a subwoofer in your car is a great way to get the most out of your music. Subwoofers are designed to increase the bass frequencies, resulting in a deep, thumping sound. In most cases, they are paired with an amplifier to boost the sound. If you do not have the funds for both components, […]

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