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Body Side Moldings

It is very common for new vehicles to leave the dealer lot with absolutely no protection against door dings, nicks, and scratches. The solution to this problem is to install high-quality body side moldings. Body side moldings attach to your car at just the right height to absorb the impact from unfriendly, adjacent car doors, rogue shopping carts, and a host of other door destroying obstacles.

Body side moldings not only provide cost-effective protection, but they also enhance the appearance of your vehicle by providing that top-of-the-line, finished look. There are several upgrade options available depending on your personal style. Body side moldings are available in chrome, chrome lined, or painted for a perfect match.

Automotive Concepts only installs body side moldings of the highest quality. They are manufactured to the exact vehicle specifications and come with factory formed ends for a flawless fit.

Painted Side Moldings

Painted Body Molding

Painted Door Protectors

Painted Body Side Moldings

Chrome-lined Side Moldings

Chrome-lined Body Side Moldings

Body Side Moldings

Chrome Side Moldings

Our Chrome Moldings are made of high-quality ABS plastic and plated with 3 layers of metal. One layer of copper, one layer of nickel and finally chrome. This is the same process used on older metal bumpers and will not scratch or wear as most of today’s plastic plated parts. They are the absolute highest quality chrome parts on the market today!

Chrome Body side Moldings

Chrome Body Moldings

Chrome Moldings

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