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Bug Deflectors

Chrome Bug shield

Tired of a dirty windshield?
Then a bug shield is the perfect accessory for you. They are installed on the leading edge of your vehicle’s hood and protect your vehicle’s hood and windshield from bug residue, stone chips, and other debris. Also commonly called wind deflectors, hood shields and bug deflectors, they shift the wind current up and over the vehicle’s front end and up, over, and away from the windshield. Since objects are deflected up rather than into the windshield, it remains clean and clear. They also protect your vehicle’s vulnerable paint from harms such as dirt, sand and pebbles which are the primary cause of paint chips and scratches to the hood.

Chrome Bug ShieldSmoke Bug Shield

In addition to being functional, bug shields are also stylish. Bug shields are no longer the clunky, hideous blue plastic accessories that they used to be. The modern aerodynamic design of bug shields now features a sleek styling that complements the appearance of your vehicle. They improve the look of any front end by perfectly fitting the contours of your vehicle and harmonizing the look of your vehicle front fascia. Bug shields are tailor made for each application and guaranteed to fit flawlessly and compliment the lines of your vehicle.

Camouflage Bug ShieldPainted Bug shield

There are several options available to match the personality and style of your vehicle. Bug shields are available with a smoke finish, chrome finish, camouflage or can be painted to match your vehicle or even custom painted. Manufactured from premium-quality contoured polymers, they are virtually unbreakable and are able to withstand road vibrations without fracturing. Considering how much abuse your hood and windshield take from driving, bug shields are more than just a stylish accessory – they really do protect your investment.

Painted Flag Bug shieldSmoke Bug shield

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