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Hollandia 700 Series Aftermarket Sunroof

The Webasto 700 Series power sunroofs (moonroofs) are designed with quality and innovation in mind – adding clean, elegant styling to the exterior while matching the vehicle’s interior perfectly. The sunroof panel tilts or slides open at the touch of a button, giving you complete control of the amount of sunlight and fresh air that you want.

Thanks to the way it is integrated into the original headliner, it is virtually impossible to distinguish the 700 Series from a factory-fitted sunroof. When closed, the sliding/ tilting sunroof integrates perfectly with the car; when open, it disappears discreetly into the headliner.

Chevrolet Impala Sunroof700 Series Power Sunroof 700-Series_Switches  

Technical Specifications:

  • Power inbuilt sunroof / moonroof
  • Tinted Venus® glass panel reflects 99% of UV radiation, 80% of light and 97% of heat
  • Illuminated, Soft Touch® control panel
  • Interior color-matched sliding sunshade
  • Closes automatically when the ignition is switched off
  • Integrated safety system prevents closing while object is in opening
  • Optional Rain Sensor available

Open - 700 Series Power Sunroof Professionally Installed Sunroofs Vented - 700 Series Sunroof   Interior View - 700 Series Power sunroof Power Sunroof  

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Webasto 700 Series Operating InstructionsView the Operating Instructions