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Seat Comfort

The average American spends nearly 500 hours in a vehicle each year. Long commutes and extended trips in the car can put an added strain on your body. With our selection of seat comfort products, you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Heated Seats

Heated Seats
Why put yourself through another day of cold seats when there’s a better option? You could be enjoying the warming comfort of Champion™ heated seats in your vehicle. They can even be programmed to turn on when you start your vehicle with one of our Remote Starters. DETAILS >

Cooled Seats

Ventilated Seats
Our Seat Cooling system provides a fresh breeze of air through the seats to eliminate that stuck-to-your-seat feeling on those hot days. If you live in an area where temperatures fluctuate widely from season to season, you should check out our all-in-one seat cooling and heating system. DETAILS >

Massaging Seats

Seat Massagers
There’s nothing like massaging motors to relieve stress, tension and pain while you’re driving in rush-hour traffic. Also perfect for relieving tension from long road trips. DETAILS >

Power Lumbar Seats

Power Lumbar
Protect and support the lumbar area of your back while you’re in the car with our power lumbar support. It’s a proven and tested product that guaranteed to provide the support you are looking for. DETAILS >

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