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Aftermarket Performance Parts in Minneapolis

Custom 1964 Impala

When it comes to outfitting Minneapolis custom trucks, or any other new or used vehicle, investing in aftermarket performance parts should be your first step. Automotive Concepts has a wide range of performance parts and accessories meant to give you the power you need. If you are searching for better horsepower, improved torque, or a supercharged engine, visit Automotive Concepts today.

Wide Variety of Parts

Automotive Concepts has a wide range of automotive accessories in Minneapolis, making us the perfect place to shop regardless of your needs. Drivers can choose from numerous aftermarket performance parts, including a vast array of superchargers, crate engines, and cat-back exhaust systems. The skilled staff members can work with you to find the perfect part to give your car the boost in performance you are craving.

Highly Trained Technicians

Professional Installation in Every Vehicle

A team of highly-trained technicians are here to help you get the performance boost you need. They start by reviewing your needs and matching you to the perfect parts. Customers can also rely on the dedicated technicians employed by Automotive Concepts to complete these upgrades in very little time, without complications or delays. In addition, you can rely on our work to last.

Busy drivers can also rely on Automotive Concepts for fast turnaround. When you call to book your appointment, ask about our afternoon turnaround services. In some cases, we may be able to pick up your car, install the parts required, and drop it back off, all while you are at work.

Maximum Performance

When you search for aftermarket performance parts, it is crucial that you only buy the highest quality. Poorly made parts do not last and can cause serious damage to your car, defeating the purpose of purchasing performance parts in the first place. For example, a poorly made supercharger can have the opposite effect on your vehicle, decreasing engine speed and lowering air density. When you invest in high-quality parts, you know that they are going to last, work perfectly, and boost your car’s performance the way you had intended.

Drivers searching for a full-service custom car shop in Minneapolis can visit Automotive Concepts today. We have a wide range of accessories, including aftermarket performance parts. You can visit us online or in-store to learn more about our wide range of products and services, including our fast turnaround time on installations.

Performance Accessories Installed by Automotive Concepts