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Edge Juice with Attitude

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Edge JuiceThe Edge Juice with Attitude is a highly sophisticated package capable of dramatically improving your truck’s driveability, towing, mileage and, most importantly, POWER.

The Edge Juice allows you to add up to six levels of adjustable power ranging from 25-100 horsepower and increase torque up to 250 ft. lbs. The Juice greatly improves responsiveness and driveability, while at the same time increasing fuel economy. The Juice communicates along the engine’s CAN-BUS data stream, from which it receives vital engine, transmission, and fuel system information. This enables the Juice to provide smooth and precise power curves that are truly custom, rather than just an offset from stock.

Edge Juice with Attitude CS or CTS

The Attitude is designed by Edge Products to perform a number of functions while ultimately working side by side with the Juice diesel performance module. When used in conjunction with the Attitude CS/CTS monitor (color screen/ color touch-screen) you can control the power levels on-the-fly from inside your truck. The Attitude displays all the information a complete set of gauges would and automatically monitors and displays exhaust gas temperature (EGT), turbo boost, and transmission slip. Its precise electronics also protect your truck by automatically de-fueling the engine to prevent excessive EGT, boost levels, or transmission slippage. It also captures and displays 0-60 times, quarter-mile times, and actual speed if you are using non-stock tires, as well as a host of other parameters.

The Juice communicates directly with the engine’s ECM to receive vital engine and fuel system information. The Attitude will not alter settings on its own.


MyStyle™ software that allows users to choose from a variety of Edge custom backgrounds or simply upload an image of your choice. Size, crop and save to your CS or CTS unit for the ultimate in customizability.




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