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There are four ways in which you can increase engine power:
– Increase the engine displacement by boring the motor out or stroking the crankshaft.
– Increase the engine speed.
– Improve the Volumetric Efficiency of the engine.
– Increase the air density.

Denser air produces more power because it has more air molecules per volume. There are two ways in which air density can be increased – by lowering the air temperature, or increasing air pressure. Unfortunately, we can’t really lower the air temperature but we can increase air pressure. The easiest way to increase air pressure would be to drive at lower altitude but this isn’t really practical. The other way is to use forced induction by installing a supercharger or installing nitrous injection.

Magna Charger

Magna ChragerMagna Charger manufacturers intercooled supercharging systems for cars, trucks and SUVs utilizing OEM quality Eaton hybrid superchargers. >more






ProChargerFor street use or at the track, Intercooled ProCharger supercharger systems will deliver the largest increase in horsepower and torque available from any supercharger system. >more





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