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Aftermarket Suspension Components

ReadyLift SST Suspension Leveling Bilstein Shocks Fabtech Suspension Lifts Air Ride Suspension

Residents looking for the best car and truck accessories in Minneapolis can visit Automotive Concepts for everything they need. At Automotive Concepts, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide range of aftermarket parts, including a variety of suspension components. Our knowledgeable sales representatives can help you find the ideal one for your needs, and our skilled team of technicians works hard to get the part installed fast.

Why Improve Suspension?

Raising, or suspending, your car is frequently done to minimize the impact of rough or bumpy roads on passengers, drivers, and the rest of the vehicle. Simply put, it is frequently done to give everyone a more comfortable ride. Suspension systems affect virtually every part of your car, not just the tires, which are the only components in direct contact with the road. Everything from the layout of the axle to the height of the chassis comes into play when thinking about vehicle suspension.

Finding the best system for your car and your needs can be a bit tricky given the numerous options available. Visiting a reputable custom car shop, such as Automotive Concepts, and speaking with one of our customer service technicians can make the process much easier.

Available Products

You can find a range of suspension parts at Automotive Concepts, including:

Unsure about what you need? Don’t worry – our friendly, customer-focused representatives can meet with you to discuss your needs. There is a suspension system that is perfect for each vehicle, and your customer service representative is eager to work with you and installation technicians to be sure you find the right one.

Why Automotive Concepts?

Automotive Concepts is the only custom car shop in the area that works with over 8,000 vehicles each year. This makes us the largest aftermarket installer of suspension components, as well as other automotive accessories, in Minneapolis. You can trust your vehicle in the skilled and experienced hands of our automotive technicians. Even if you are uncertain about your suspension needs, our customer service representatives encourage you to come in for a no-obligation consultation.

Visit Automotive Concepts today to find out how you can improve your vehicle’s suspension thanks to our wide range of parts, incredible customer service, and skilled installation technicians. We have everything you need from ready lift SST to Bilstein Shocks and more. Whether you are building Minneapolis custom trucks from the ground up or you want to add something a bit extra to your most recent vehicle purchase, Automotive Concepts has exactly what you need.