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Suspension Lowering Kits in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Ground Force Suspension Systems

Ground Force Lowering Kits

Vast in space, power and utility, your truck is made even better with the addition of a Ground Force suspension lowering system. Killer looks with a low-profile ride and handling come bundled in one package from Ground Force. Ground Force is fiercely committed to developing the finest lowering kits available – and as always, Automotive Concepts installs only the best products for your vehicle.

2009 Dodge Ram Ground Force Suspension Lowering

Ground Force castings, shock absorbers, coil springs and leaf springs are manufactured under the most stringent standards. Ground Force special tuned high pressure nitrogen gas charged shock absorbers are designed, engineered, and manufactured red to critical quality standards for optimum performance. The Ground Force commitment to quality, safety and proper fitment extends to the entire lowering kit line.

Ground Force products are road tested to be sure that the lowering kits maintain the same level of quality from the factory. Assembling a critically balanced sport-tuned suspension system isn’t something you can do by chance. That’s why every component of a Ground Force suspension lowering kit is precision-matched to give your vehicle the effect you’re looking for.

Remember, any lowering kit can make your vehicle look good, but after the car show and pictures are over, you have to live and drive with that choice, it’s your ride, lower it right with Automotive Concepts.

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