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Performance Shock Absorbers

Take your suspension to a whole new level of handling and comfort!

Of all your suspension components, nothing works harder than your shock absorbers and if you’ve never experienced the exhilaration you feel when driving a vehicle equipped with performance shocks, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. You’ll soon discover there is, quite literally, nothing like it.

Unbelievable control. Precise handling. Ultimate performance. And incredible comfort.

Keep Reading to Learn About the Performance Shock Absorbers We Carry!

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Shock Absorber Overview


A shock absorber (damper) is a mechanical device designed to smooth out or damp sudden shock impulses and dissipate kinetic energy. In a vehicle, it reduces the ill effects of traveling over rough terrain, leading to improved ride quality and vehicle control.

Vehicles typically employ both springs (coil, leaf or torsion bar) and shock absorbers that work in conjunction with each other to provide a controlled ride. In this combination, the shock absorber is reserved for dissipating the spring’s energy. Without shock absorbers, the spring would oscillate uncontrollably eventually exceeding the allowed range of suspension movement.

There are two basic types of shock absorbers used on today’s vehicles, the conventional twin tube shock and the gas pressurized monotube shock.

A twin tube shock absorber consists of a thin wall inner pressure tube and outer reserve tube. The inner tube houses the valving components, piston and base valve, and is where the damping forces are generated. The outer tube acts as a reservoir for displaced fluid from the shaft volume during the compression stroke. Also contained in the outer tube is a foam sleeve or gas bag that contracts and expands with respect to shaft displacement to eliminate air pockets and increase the performance of the shock.

A monotube shock absorber consists of a single thick wall tube that houses the valving components, working piston, oil, dividing (floating) piston and nitrogen gas. Because of the single tube design, the working piston has a significantly larger surface area than a twin tube resulting in increased tunability. A monotube also dissipates heat more efficiently than a twin tube due its single tube construction being directly exposed to air flow enabling more consist control forces. The high gas pressure also improves the performance by decreasing the response time to shock impulses. The high gas pressure also prevents aeration keeping the damping more consistent across a wide variety of conditions. A monotube shock absorber requires components with significantly tighter tolerances and increased surface finishes to work effectively.


Bilstein Shocks


Heat is one of the major detriments to the performance and longevity of any shock absorber. Conventionally designed shocks trap the heat within the shock body and do not let it adequately dissipate, making them prone to heat build up, fade and eventual failure.

Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers

Bilstein’s technically superior, patented monotube gas charged design allows the excessive heat from the oil to transfer to the outer surface of the shock body and dissipate more efficiently. The dividing piston also permits the oil to expand as heat builds up, preventing foaming and viscosity loss. This allows the shock to maintain full damping characteristics as temperatures rise. Bilstein HD shocks/struts are an excellent upgrade to the O.E. suspension, for a firmer ride with improved handling.

Bilstein Performance Shocks


FOX Racing Shox


Fox Racing Shox have a well-deserved reputation for performance, control and stability on both the racetrack and the road.

Fox Shox

FOX now offers an ever-growing line of OE replacement shocks. OE models are designed and valved to fit your truck, SUV, or UTV. FOX shocks improve your vehicle’s looks and more importantly, increase ride performance. OE replacement shocks work on applications from completely stock to 8-inch lifts.

Fox 2.0 Factory Performance SeriesFox 2.0 Piggy Back ShocksFox 2.0 Remote Reservoir Shocks

Fox 2.5 Coil Over ShocksFox 2.0 Emulsion Shocks


Rancho Shocks


Rancho Shocks

Rancho shocks are the name to trust when you want the ultimate performance shocks for your ride. Once you get your Rancho suspension components installed you can be sure that your vehicle will be very comfortable and you will have the precision handling you’ve always wanted. Replacement shocks from Rancho are designed for SUVs and trucks.

The shock that started it all! Rancho RS5000 series has been the shock of choice for light trucks and sport utility vehicles since 1985. Available for stock and lifted applications, the RS5000 is ideal for on and off-road use.


Rancho RS900XL & RS5000 Series ShocksRancho MyRide Wireless Controller


The adjustability of the Rancho RS9000XL offers the performance of nine shock absorbers in one very flexible package. The Rancho MyRide tuning technology provides you the ability to select nine different levels of performance or ride quality – quickly adapting to any driving condition. Built around a 2.75-in. shock body, the RS9000XL shock delivers both performance and appearance to your truck and SUV.

Rancho goes wireless!

Rancho’s all-new Award-Winning MyRide Wireless Controller provides remote tuning for your RS9000XL and quickLIFT shocks. The new Rancho MyRide Wireless Controller makes it easy for any driver to adjust their ride from firm to soft and anywhere in between, making ride control simple and precise.


Fabtech Shocks



Fabtech Performance Shocks

Fabtech Performance Shocks have been designed to work in conjunction with each of their suspension systems, resulting in superior ride control. Features include high velocity 9-stage valving for excellent dampening capabilities and a closed cell insert to reduce shock fade at high speeds.

Dirt Logic by Fabtech

Dirt Logic Shocks are designed for outstanding performance and longevity. These shocks benefit from Fabtech’s superior in-house CNC manufacturing capabilities, incredible quality control, and superior off-road design experience. The main benefit of the Dirt Logic line is that each part number is for a specific Fabtech suspension system. This offers two distinct advantages: each shock is tuned per application, and custom fit per vehicle, for the best ride quality available in the market today.

In addition to the specific Dirt Logics for each suspension system, there is also a line of universal Dirt Logic shocks available in reservoir and non-reservoir styles, ranging from 8 to 16 inches of stroke.

Dirt Logic 2.0″ and 2.25″ shocks feature urethane bushings in the mounting points to reduce road noise and rattling associated with spherical bearings. Dirt Logic coilover shocks utilize spherical bearings at each end for increased strength along with urethane misalignment cups in the top caps. The misalignment cups keep the road noise transferred through spherical bearings to a minimum.

Fabtech Dirt Logic Shocks

Dirt Logic 2.5″ and 4.0″ coilover shocks use coil springs made to the highest quality standards possible. All Dirt Logic coils posses the ability to go solid without breaking, settling or bowing.

Dirt Logics are available with or without an external reservoir. External reservoirs are used to accommodate additional oil and nitrogen volume. The additional oil volume helps keep the shock cooler. The additional gas volume helps to keep more consistent control forces over a variety of temperatures.

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